CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure that uses innovative technology to target and kill fat cells underneath the skin without affecting the skin itself. The device delivers a precise cooling effect to freeze and destroy fat cells, which are then removed naturally by your body. The procedure has been clinically tested and cleared by the FDA for use on the torso, thighs and underneath the buttocks. There is no need for surgery, anesthesia, needles or downtime after the procedure.

Ionic Foot Bath

An ionic foot bath helps your body to re-balance its bio-energy fields and stimulate the body’s detoxification. The body’s organs will naturally function better when the electro-magnetic fields are charged. The ion energy charged foot bath will help rejuvenate and reinvigorate you.

  • 30 min treatment for $30

Salt Bed Therapy

Stonewater MedSpa provides salt therapy to aid clients with respiratory, dermatological, and immunity issues. Otherwise known as halotherapy, this treatment is a completely non-invasive treatment that taps into the healing properties of salt. This generally relates to the practice of bathing in mineral waters and/or inhaling saline solutions that are nebulized. The therapy began in Poland but has been slowly gaining popularity worldwide for its efficacy. Typical conditions that benefit from this type of therapy include breathing ailments, skin irritations, immunity support, and mental lethargy.

Private Salt Chamber Treatment / 20 Minute Sessions

  • Single Session $25
  • 6 Sessions $88
  • 10 Sessions $138
  • Unlimited Sessions $168/Month


Don’t hide your beauty behind excess hair! Ideal and safe to use on your face and body, electrolysis is a safe and permanent hair removal treatment that can give you relief from unwanted hair. Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method for permanent hair removal.

There are many reasons people—both men and women—turn to electrolysis as the best way to remove hair. No matter what the specific problem area, age, gender, hair or skin type, hair color or skin color, electrolysis can help.

  • 15 Minutes $40
  • 30 Minutes $75
  • 45 Minutes $110
  • 1 Hour $135